Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Intermediate Set - Medium (31")

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Thinner, lighter, and faster than ever! Bauer has expertly curated the best technology and materials to further enhance their past success. Making some small but minor adjustments to enhance the line without drastically changing the 3X series that they had such success with. The S23 Bauer Vapor series is going to continue to drive the huge success that Bauer has had in recent years!

    • Hybrid calf support system is a single-bracket design that was inspired by the MACH’s double bracket. The single bracket design gives improved stability in the butterfly but is more flexible than the Supreme construction.
    • Stabili-Grip knee uses a coated material on top of the STABILIFLEX knee block to provide the ultimate grip and support in keeping the knee centered.
    • Tune Fit 2.0 Strapping with NEW Lower calf strap for increased connectivity to the pad.
    • Centered toe elastic.
    • Thin x2 insert gives a light construction, while keeping the pad closer to the leg.
    • Free Flex 110° boot for enhanced mobility and feel.
    • STABILIFLEX Knee block helps to prevent over-rotation while giving more flexibility than the STABILISLIDE block found in the Supreme pad.
    • CORTECH Calf and knee plate for enhanced slide.