CCM Extreme Flex 5 ProLite Senior Goalie Stick

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All of the great features of the stock Eflex 5 stick PLUS custom colors. The new CCM EFLEX5 Pro goalie sticks offer a unique blend of power, performance, strength and feel for one of the best goalie sticks CCM has produced.

With cutting edge Sigmatex and Innegra materials, the stick is both lightweight and responsive. The combination of these 2 materials provides a consistent build throughout the stick while increasing tensile strength.

SHAFT - A lower flex area gives you the ability to load your stick quicker, which in turn results in quicker and more powerful shot release.

A more rounded shaft shape provides enhanced feel and easier hand transition into the shooting position as well as providing a more resilient shaft for better impact resistance.

BLADE - Using their advanced peel-ply technology, CCM has reduced the weight of the stick while maintaining durability. The improved feel of the blade gives you a better range of puck control, especially when handling the puck in tight.

PADDLE - The new and anticipated Aerograde foam core paddle provides better dampening capabilities to limit vibrations after impact. This in turn will increase the durability of the stick as there will be a bot more give and a less stiff feel.