CCM Extreme Flex 6 Full Set 34"+2"

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Featuring a one-piece landing zone and a new hyper absorbent knee stack construction for enhanced\ protection from repeated impact, drs pro gives you the ability to unleash your powerful cross crease movements with greater seal,stability and slidability than ever before.


Built with butterfly biomechanics at the forefront, qmss2 keeps your body moving quickly and cohesively with every pad rotation.


EFlex 6 is built to give you the ultimate flexible feel and to react with your every move with a flexible design below the knee and into the boot, but with added stiffness above the knee for greater butterfly seal and stability. With control rebound technology, you dictate the game with a foam designed to help dampen softer shots or kick harder shots out with powerful precision.

For game-changing saves, CCM’s hockey goalie gloves and goalie blockers are a must. Specifically designed to help you trap and deflect the puck easily, the goalie gloves and blockers offered by CCM are robust and comfortable. With solid construction that helps you make game-winning saves, the hockey goalie gloves and blockers offered by CCM give unprecedented puck control and deflection capabilities. You’ll make spectacular saves effortlessly while remaining entirely protected thanks to technological advances in design that pack each glove with protective material. With intuitive and comfortable designs for men, women, and children that are easy to adjust to your needs, CCM’s hockey goalie gloves and blockers are a flexible piece of protective equipment. Be confident between the pipes with these state-of-the-art goalie gloves and blockers for all budgets and needs, from recreational players to up-and-coming hotshots. CCM’s goalie gloves and blockers are a must-have piece of hockey equipment that is adapted to the way you play on the ice. For true goalie gloves and blockers, nothing beats the goalie gloves and blockers offered by CCM.