CCM Tacks 710

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Designed with a state-of-the-art comfort and fit, the CCM Tacks 710 helmets maximize protective capabilities with a geometry that helps absorb impacts and a pro-preferred look. Similar to the late Resistance line, the Tacks helmets offer a single tool free adjustment at the back of the head allowing a customized snug fit. This single adjustment system changes the width and length of the helmet as well as securing the occipital lobe of your head.

On the inside of the shell, CCM's R.E.D. system offers an elite level of protection against rotational impacts and is complemented by nine D3O Lite foam pods. These pods of rate sensitive foam dampen impacts across all energy levels to better protect your head. As well, to finish the helmet, an I.Q.Shion comfort liner offers a premium level of comfort with a softer foam.
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