CCM Tacks Vector Premier INT

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Regular price $149.99
Regular price $149.99 Sale price $149.99

The CCM Super Tacks Vector Premier INT Hockey Stick is a Source for Sports exclusive model. The Vector Premier is a mid kick-point stick with T-Shape shaft geometry, and a fiberglass blade with Peel Ply texture.

Stick Flex Profile
The Tacks Vector Premier Stick features a soft mid-section that allows for a longer period to store more energy. A stiff taper zone maximizes stability and response. The long loading period combined with the stability at the taper zone is ideal for heavy shooters who like to lean into their shots while maintaining maximum control of the accuracy.

Shaft Construction
The CCM Vector Premier Hockey Stick features T-Shape shaft geometry, which is a squared off traditional shaft shape designed to fit comfortably in your hands.

Blade Construction/Stiffness
The blade on the Super Tacks Vector Premier Stick is constructed of Fiberglass, and has CCM’s Peel Ply coating. Peel Ply offers a layer of texture to the blade, which helps with puck control.

The Super Tacks Vector Premier Hockey Stick stays true to the Tacks family graphics, with a black stick with yellow highlights and silver graphics.

The CCM Vector Premier Hockey Stick comes equipped with the standard CCM tacky grip providing you good control for stick handling and puck control.