Player's Balm Scented Bat Tack

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Scent: Cotton Candy
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Ball Player's Balm is one of the best grip enhancers in the game. Easy to apply, simply tear the tube from the top and rub it on your bat's handle until you achieve the desired stickiness. Optimized for temperatures above 10 degrees C, this scented bat tack guarantees steady performance in varied conditions. However, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods to maintain its longevity. Available in a compact 4.3 oz size, it's the ideal choice for both training and game days. Experience the ultimate grip with Bat Tack and transform your game today.
  • Tear tube to expose stick
  • Apply to the taper or handle of the bat
  • Designed for wood and metal bats
  • Rub on bat to activate scent and supreme tack