Rawlings GGC HOH PRO3039-6GCB 12.75"

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  • Exclusive RGGC launch is the PRO3039-6GCB.
  • The 12.75” gloves is ideal for outfielders.
  • February Rawlings Glove of the Month, a testament to precision craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.
  • This exceptional outfield glove showcases the fusion of Rawlings' legacy for quality and the demands of modern baseball.
  • With the 12 ¾ length and 3039 pattern, this glove is tailor-made for outfielders, offering an ideal balance of size and performance.
  • The glove features a Pro H™ web with an extra deep pocket, elevating the player's experience by providing unparalleled ball security.
  • This glove is exclusive to the Rawlings Gold Glove Club Members.

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