Vaughn Ventus SLR3 Pro Carbon Senior Goalie Pad

Regular price $1,499.99
Regular price $2,359.99 Sale price $1,499.99
Size: 33"+2" : Black/Orange
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Regular price $1,499.99
Regular price $2,359.99 Sale price $1,499.99
  • Full Pro Spec domestic construction for optimal performance
  • Full Pro core internal structure
  • Pure Composite front core surface
  • Solid outside roll with no break at knee
  • Beveled outside roll profile
  • Quick slide inner edge panels
  • Flat smooth inner edge for quick on ice motion
  • Firm front surface
  • Balance stabilizer inside edge design
  • Rebound positive design and construction
  • Inner knee Pure Composite insert for stability
  • Open knee cradle for pad rotation
  • Rotation control strap with magnetic buckle
  • Wide leg cradle gives leg support in butterfly
  • Wider back calf coverage area
  • Pure Composite inner support stiffens pad, provides firmer perimeter edges
  • Pre shaped design for precise fit
  • Curved upper shape gives superior five-hole coverage positioning
  • Flexible scoop angle for range of motion