Warrior Alpha LX 20 Senior Hockey Stick

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Intro/New Features
The Warrior Alpha LX 20 Senior hockey stick brings truly premium performance, weight, and elite features to a more approachable price point. New for 2021, Warrior has incorporated 4 new technologies into this year's stick; Sabre Taper 2, R.L.C. 155, Minimus Carbon UD, and Fuelcore Pro. All of these bundled together make for an elite level stick at a more welcoming price point.

Stick Flex Profile
With the fine-tuned Sabre Taper 2, the Alpha LX 20 fits the do-it-all playmaker that needs a stick that can perfectly react to any scenario. The taper’s aggressive shape combines a special geometry with a low kick point flex profile that is torsionally stable, and provides a powerful and accurate release. The new laminate exterior design also reduces the overall weight of the stick which allows it to recoil faster on shots.

Shaft Construction
Warrior has implemented an Ergo Shaft Shape in the Alpha LX 20 stick. This ergonomic design features a contour shaped shaft that locks securely into your hands while also remaining comfortable to hold on to. This allows you to have a heightened touch and feel for the puck leading to better dekes, toe drags, shots, and everything in between.

In addition to the ergonomic design, the LX 20 also features R.L.C 155 (Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 155. This is a premium-grade carbon that provides excellent bending and impact resistance. This is achieved by a select blend of high elongation fibers and toughened resin chemistry. Utilizing this unidirectional carbon fiber creates a lightweight and durable hockey stick.

Blade Construction & Stiffness
The blade of the stick is constructed with Warrior’s Fuelcore Pro technology. It consists of a lightweight polymer blade core that enhances puck feel and allows shots to pop off your stick. The LX 20 also features a Minimus Carbon 6 weave around the core which also reduces weight and increases durability. Lastly, Warrior has added Texture along the surface of the blade to increase the contact feel for the puck.