Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stick

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Regular price $112.49
Regular price $149.99 Sale price $112.49

The Nexus E3 looks to offer everything you need to shoot hard and control the game at the recreational level and at a budget price. To up your game to the next level, the stick is equipped with an ER spine, Cellcore blade technology, and a unidirectional carbon weave. This iteration of the Nexus recreational line uses a blade made of 60% carbon fibre for that extra advantage you need playing recreational-level hockey.

Stick Flex Profile
The Nexus line is officially taking the full mid kick spot of Bauer hockey sticks, which they previously shared with Supreme. Mid kick is a solid stick for players who often find themselves doing just a bit of everything during the game. The Nexus E3 is ideal for those who want both big shots and a reliable release. Mid kick is made to be versatile in all aspects on the ice.

Shaft Construction & Stiffness
A big contributor to the overall weight reduction on the mid-level E4 stick is the use of carbon fibre throughout most of the stick, including both the shaft and the blade.

For this iteration of Nexus sticks, Bauer has elected to include their ER spine technology across all levels, from pro to recreational. This is because the line emphasizes control and power, and the ER spine—a hexagonal shaft geometry—has always been a major contributor to that characteristic at the highest level. Bauer’s commitment to enhancing the play of all players across all levels has made the inclusion of this tech natural into the new Nexus line.

Blade Construction
For the newest recreational-level Nexus stick, Bauer went ahead and increased the carbon fibre concentration to 60% in the blade, making it lighter and more durable while giving it a much more connected and better feel when handling the puck. The increase came from Bauer’s extensive research at all levels, finding that the concentration of carbon fibre seemed to correlate with efficiency and performance. The blade core is Cellcore, which is a traditional and rigid core known for its ease of use at the recreational level.

The E3 sticks to the classic black and blue of the Nexus line, with the addition of copper and white accents near the top and bottom with the Nexus and E4 logos.

The E3 uses a soft gloss grip, which works well with the ER Spine to balance control and freedom of movement for your hand.

Blade Patterns, Flex & Stick Length
The Bauer Nexus E3 Senior Hockey Stick is available in the following blade patterns: P88, P92, and P28.