Bauer S23 GSX Senior Goalie Catcher

  • $239.99
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Learn. Play. Win.

Designed for goalies who have just committed to the crease and looking to hone their
, GSX gear features elite technology at a competitive price point making it hard
your opponents and easy on your wallet.

Dreaming about making flashy glove saves in your next game? The GSX combines speed, comfort, and the largest regulation-allowed pocket helping you snag more shots while you continue to improve your game.

MAX-PERIMITER POCKET: The GSX Catcher features Supremeinspired outer
designed for coverage. The pocket has been expanded to the maximum size per gear regulations, improving overall coverage across Junior, Intermediate, and Senior models
-HAND STYLE CLOSURE: The GSX Catcher features Vapor-Style seamless Full-Hand closure and internal construction, our most popular at the performance level
REBOUND CONTROL FOAM: Our lightweight, impact-absorbing, water-resistant foam is featured in the palm GSX Catcher for the first time, providing a lighter feel while
improved protection.

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