Atomic Savor Visor Helmet - Photo Lens

Regular price $299.99
Regular price Sale price $299.99
Style: Photo Lens
Color: White
Size: Small
Regular price $299.99
Regular price Sale price $299.99
Atomic Savor Visor Photo brings all your headgear together into one of the most adaptable visor-helmets on the market.

The Atomic Savor Visor Photo takes two essential items, your helmet and goggles, and makes them one-all part of the Savor mission to make skiing easier and more enjoyable. The helmet is constructed around a Holo Core which provides supreme protection while staying light and cool. Adjustable Visor settings allows you to wear glasses underneath if you want. The high-quality Atomic Photochromic Lens Technology rapidly adjusts the tint in response to changes in light conditions to protect you from glare. While Live Fit instantly adapts to your head and a height-adjustable 360° Fit System provides a snug fit all day. Want to ski stress free? Simplify!

• Live fit, 360° fit system, 3D molded ear pads
• ABS hard shell
• Active aircon venting
• Removable and washable full cap ski lining, 3M™ X-Static lining
• Holo core
• Photochromic lens technology
• Visor ID lens