Atomic Warden MNC 13

Atomic Warden MNC 13

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The Warden 13 MNC is an excellent all-rounder. The binding is suitable for all types of ski boot soles and has a large DIN range. The Warden binding allows for a low stance on the ski, which makes for a direct and athletic skiing experience.The binding has a DIN release up to 13 and is very suitable for wide skis and/or experienced skiers. Built for the modern ski. Suitable for both piste and freeride use.



Multi Norm Certified. The height-adjustable front makes it suitable for all types of ski boot soles. WTR, GripWalk, Alpine & Tour

Freeski brakes
The Freeski brakes fold in very compactly to prevent contact with the snow while skiing. Available in sizes 90, 100, 115 & 130 mm.

DIN Range
Adjustable from DIN 4 to 13. Suitable for beginners of around 60 kg up to experienced skiers of 120 kg.