Bauer Nexus E5 Pro Senior Hockey Stick

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Regular price $194.99
Regular price $259.99 Sale price $194.99

The Bauer Nexus E5 Pro ice hockey stick is Bauer’s second elite price point. This mid-kick stick is replacing the 3N Pro and includes key technology upgrades. If you’re a player whose game benefits from some of the latest ideas and advancements in stick technology but looking for a lower price point the Nexus E5 Pro may be the stick for you.

  • ER Spine is designed to make shooting effortless.
  • Hexcel Carbon in the shaft and blade.
  • Dual cell bridge core technology in the blade.
  • Spread Tow Carbon Fiber to help reduce the weight to 390g.

There are a variety of factors to consider when purchasing a new stick. When thinking about your on-ice performance, it is important to place a focus on kick point. Finding the right kick point will help take your shot to the next level and have a positive impact on your game. If you’re unsure which kick point is best for you, visit your local Pure Hockey for an accurate assessment.

Bauer’s Nexus sticks are known for their mid-kick point, offering players an extended pop-life and quick release. Bauer enhances the mid-kick point of the E5 Pro with some high-end technologies. One of the top features is the weight of the stick. The E5 Pro is the lightest stick on the market for this price point, coming in at 390g. 

Bauer was able to accomplish the reduced weight by using their all-new spread tow carbon fiber. This technology more premium carbon fiber layers on the interior of the stick. These layers are more strategically stacked making the stick lighter without sacrificing any durability.

Passed down from the top-of-the-line Sync stick is the ER Spine technology. This is a revolutionary 5-sided shape that creates a spine along the back of the shaft to remove excess carbon fiber layers in the key loading zone. This makes it easier to load energy into the stick creating a faster, more controlled release in all situations.

Throughout the shaft and blade Bauer uses Hexcel Carbon, giving the stick more durability while keeping it very lightweight. Another key feature is the new blade core. Bauer uses their dual density foams, which is a softer foam on the bottom and a lighter foam on top. This will increase feel and reduce weight. 

Lastly, the E5 Pro stick includes a carbon bridge down the middle of the blade. This is going to add stability and help with overall puck control.