Bauer Vapor Hyperlite 2 INT (2023) With Fly-X Steel

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Lace up the highest performing skate we’ve ever created. The HYPERLITE 2 skate is the newest addition to the VAPOR family trusted by more players than any other family of skates.
the all-new Powerfly Holder, the HYPERLITE 2 skate comes packed with new
and cutting-edge technology built from over 25 years of on-ice research and development. This skate is perfect for pro and aspiring-pro players looking for more speed and agility to fly past every opponent

Powerfly Holder Introducing the most-advanced blade holder on ice, backed by decades of R&D. Completely reimagined, this holder features a stiff front post for faster acceleration, a flexible back post for quicker pivots, and a hyperbolic bridge for increased balance and power in every stride.
Aerolite 2.0 Tongue Improved medial and lateral side comfort and a lightweight foam core helps keep your skates feeling good for all three periods.
Hyperflex Technology More flex, more speed and agility. Hyperflex Outsole and Facing add engineered flex points into the skate to give you more ways to skate at your best.
3D Lasted Carbon CURV Composite Feel the difference in your stride with Bauerexclusive skate technology that provides you with the support and lightweight support you need to stand out on the ice.
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Behold Bauer's newest innovation: The The Bauer Fly-X Steel Runner. The steel in Bauer’s upcoming high-end gear will be transitioning to Fly steel, which has been enhanced for greater response and power. The Fly steel series will include Bauer Fly-TI and Bauer Fly-X, and will only be compatible with the PowerFly holder; likewise, old Pulse steel will not fit in the PowerFly holder.

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