Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Intermediate Hockey Skates (2023)-With Fly-Ti Steel

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What separates good players from great ones isn’t how they shoot. It’s how they skate. Having the right skates will push you as a player and help you play a cut above the rest. This skate caters to the elite level player looking to boost their on-ice performance and find value on and off the ice.

CURV Composite – The world’s first self-reinforced, 100% thermoplastic composite
material made to withstand anything the game of hockey throws at it. Get pro level
support and lightweight performance with state-of-the-art materials.

Injected Facing – One piece construction gives you added support in your skate from
top to bottom. Excellent lace lock and a lightweight construction keeps you secure in
your boots and quick on your feet.

POWERFLY Holder – A true, first-of-its-kind holder designed to adapt and respond to every skating move. The stiff front post increases energy transfer in every stride while the flexible back post delivers faster side-to-side motions to help make you unstoppable and uncatchable on the ice.

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