Bauer Whistler Skates Jr.

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When you find that perfect sheet of ice nestled in a winter wonderland you will want to make sure the Bauer Whistler skates are within reach. Designed for any level of skater, the Whistler feels like a warm hug around your feet – like no other skate. The next time you’re ready to explore the open ice with friends and family, do it in style with the Whistler.



  • Ergonomically shaped for comfortable and supportive fit right out of the box
  • Soft interior foam liner provides 360-degree comfort in all areas of the foot and ankle



  • Internal liner insulates throughout, keeping your foot dry and warm
  • Fur collar adds an additional layer of warmth above the ankle



  • Easy to lace up equals more time on the ice
  • Blade shape designed to be easy to balance and skate on
  • Ready to go sharpening for hassle free start