Bent Metal Logic '23

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Dynamic freestyle integration. Our softest flex control combination of a Urethane Highback and Bi-Axial fiber Drive Plate allows you maximum freedom of movement in freestyle terrain and unrestrained flow in powder or smooth groomers. A aysmetric soft power band in the dyadic construction Dual Band ankle strap provides lateral support and maximum medial mobility. Love Handle ureathane highback is the killer feature for hiking those hits.

Green - Art by Quincy Quigg
There once was a wizard living in a mossy cabin in Government Camp, OR. If you could find him it was known he would grant you mastery of any three tricks in exchange for a song, a story, a scratch ticket and 2 Four Lokos. Quincy Quigg found him and he now permanently resides on this BMBW Logic binding granting unlimited trick mastery to whomever straps in.

Red - Art by Sean Genovese
Sean Genovese’s red wine devil art will help you ride like hell. Geno himself has been known to get a little wicked with the red wine


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