CCM Extreme Flex E5.5 Senior Goalie Stick

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Regular price $111.99
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Releasing alongside the rest of the EFlex 5 stick line for 2022 is the new recreational-level goalie stick, the EFlex5.5. This stick uses more newly updated tech from the previous EFlex4.5, including a new high flex point and ZeroFlux technology.

Shaft & Shaft Construction
The stick uses ZeroFlux technology, which is also present in the EFlex5.9 goalie stick. This is a lightweight construction designed to dampen vibration across the entire stick.

Blade Construction/Stiffness
Like the rest of the current 2022 EFlex stick line, the EFlex5.5 has a high flex point, meaning the shaft is a bit softer, whereas the paddle has been made stiffer. This helps enhance stability when handling the puck along the boards or shooting.