CCM Jetspeed 40 Flex '22 Youth Hockey Stick

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Size: P28:40:L
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Regular price $139.99
Regular price $139.99 Sale price $139.99


  • Flex Ratio: Designed with kids in mind, the flex ratio on this stick helps aspiring players load their stick while providing tons of support for great stickhandling and passing.
  • Shaft Technology: Lightweight and super durable, the shaft is designed to help smaller hands handle a stick like it’s second nature. Developed using cutting-edge design tools to substantially reduce weight without sacrificing durability.
  • Sigmatex Spread Tow: Developed by a world leader in aerospace technology specifically for CCM, this high-performance spread tow fabric features an innovative weaving process that makes this stick light, strong and durable.
  • P28 Youth Blade: Made with a specific curve, size and lie angle to help young players grab the puck and upgrade their shooting technique.
  • Grip: Full grip for greater stick control and minimized rotation in young players’ hands.
  • Features: Blank name bar makes it easy for players to personalize their stick with their name and number.