CCM Jetspeed FTW Senior Shoulder Pad 2024

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The 2024 CCM Jetspeed FTW Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads are designed with CCM's newest research in women's equipment, meaning the CCM Jetspeed FTW is built to fit you. Featuring our Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System to maximize breathability and enhance performance, along with CCM's other elite features, the CCM Jetspeed FTW packs pro-level tech into fully adjustable protective gear. 

The elongated and flexible base jacket with removable belly pad with comfort side gussets provide longer coverage and extended chest strap landing zones for optimal comfort and adjustability while reducing pressure in unwanted areas.

Featuring lightweight construction made for young women, it is designed for their bodies and specific silhouettes, guaranteeing adapted protection and comfort as they play and grow in them.

The articulated and floating exposed EVA foam sternum provides anatomical protection where it counts that adapt to the player's shape as they move.

The low-profile JDP molded shoulder caps are a reliable constrution caps that are adapted to the right size and position for the protection that young women need in their game.

Featuring the reinforced built-in clavicle protection, it provides a comfortable lightweight design that lets you move freely and securely.

Spine/Back Protection
The ventilated foam jacket and anatomical spine is a lightweight segmented back with reinforced spine.

The height-adjustable molded PE caps are a comfortable and adjustable low-profile protection.