CCM Jetspeed Team '19 Senior Hockey Stick

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Regular price $149.99
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Stick Flex Profile
Quickly becoming a fan favourite. The signature Hybrid Kick Point found in the Jetspeed Team stick. It bridges the gap between the powerful mid kick point and the quick-releasing kick point. This creates a hinge effect for great power and speed. The hybrid flex point mixed with a stiff blade also helps to eliminate any twisting during a shot. The result is a nearly perfect shot release no matter if you’re teeing off a one-timer from the point or deceptively getting a quick shot off in tight near the net.

Shaft Construction
The shaft of the stick features R-Geometry. It is streamlined with rounded corners and concave sides that delivers high-performance and ultra-comfort in your hands. The material consists of Carbon Matrix technology with Tactile blade finish. This material is a lightweight carbon fiber weave that offers great performance, strength, and durability throughout the entire stick.

Blade Construction & Stiffness
The Jetspeed Team stick is constructed with CCM’s JS3 blade. It consists of an exclusive dampened core and tactile surface that is lightweight and provides a heightened feel for the puck.

The Jetspeed Team stick continues the traditional Jetspeed look with a dark shaft highlighted with red and chrome accents.