CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Grip

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Intro & New Features
The new Ribcor Trigger family unites lightning-quick release with remarkable feel in CCM’s greatest low kick stick iteration yet. The Trigger 8 showcases both new and returning tech at the highest price point, including Skeleton+, an Agility Blade with Peel-Ply, and Advanced Carbon Matrix shaft technology.

Stick Profile
Crafted to elevate your performance, the stick boasts CCM’s optimized low kick point. This means the stick flexes lower, closer to the blade. This design enhances the stick's ability to store and release energy quickly during a shot. When a player loads the stick by flexing it, the energy stored in the lower shaft is rapidly released at the low kick point upon shooting. This results in a swift and explosive shot release, ideal for close-range shots, quick snapshots, and fast-paced gameplay.

Shaft Construction
The Advanced Carbon Matrix technology in the shaft integrates performance carbon layering with the cutting-edge Sigmatex spread tow, resulting in a stick that is not only lighter but also significantly more durable. The fusion of these technologies offers players unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio for elite-level gameplay.

The ergonomic “E” geometry in the shaft shape is designed to offer a flawless energy transfer, optimizing the speed of release for your shots.

Blade Construction
The stick uses CCM’s Agility Blade with Peel-Ply, a revolutionary blade advancement that integrates a thinner profile design in the taper area, enhancing reliability precisely when it matters most during critical gameplay moments.

The stick additionally continues to use Skeleton+ taper technology, which fortifies the reliability of the taper area through a lighter, more consistent build while utilizing premium materials and minimizing unnecessary elements.

The Trigger 8 series solidifies the move from the old green/black to a new black/grey/purple design, coupled with the new, modernized graphics that the Ribcor series adopted last season. The Trigger 8 at the second price point has more black and grey with purple accents.

The Trigger Microfeel grip is characterized by its curved and raised texture, offering an enhanced stick feel within your hands for greater control and sensitivity to each movement while stickhandling.

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