CCM SuperTacks X

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The Super Tacks X with NEST Tech is the next evolution in hockey helmet tech, designed for critical protection and peak performance.

Learn how Carbon DLS™ and latticing empowers the production of breakthrough products at breakneck speeds.


  • Protection: Fluid Inside POD matrix & D3O® Technology - Designed for an elite level of protection, to dissipate impact energy and manage all types of impacts thanks to new Fluid Inside pods strategically placed in liner, combined with rate sensitive D3O® Smart Material
  • Comfort: I.Q. Shion gel memory foam liner - Offer a pro level of comfort and fit with the added benefit of sweat management properties at the front
  • Adjustment: Tool-free adjustment - Self-adjusting occipital support cushion and easy front-to-back side adjustment with a wider size range for a customized snug fit
  • Shell: Optimized aesthetics + reinforced frame - A pro-approved look with new structure stiffness for added protection on the sides
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