Padskinz - Small Roll - 27″L x 15″W

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Padskinz are the thinnest, lightest, and most flexible product on the market to swap out colour schemes on the synthetic leather areas of your gear! The most recognized colour change material brand in the hockey world. It's used by most pro and minor pro teams worldwide.

PadSkinz come in sheets and we carry almost every pro hockey colour available.

PadSkinz are removable but strong! Expect to get approx 1-3 seasons of play but this will vary by how often you play and how much your Padskinz rub on the ice. 

PadSkinz are not permanent! They can be removed but it will require some time and effort to do so. Going through the removal process however, will allow you to return the equipment to its original colours or apply new PadSkinz colours.