Currex CleatPro Insole

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Whether they’re for football, lacrosse or baseball, CURREX CLEATPRO™ insoles deliver ultimate comfort, amazing stability and perfect control even at your top speed. They are your final step to better footwork. 

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • LaCrosse

1. Optimized heel cup: For a better fit inside the shoe.

2. Triple layers for optimum moisture wicking: Fewer blisters thanks to the specially developed mid-layer.

3. 3D DAT for natural foot guidance: Dynamic arch technology made from silver Nylon 6 composite.

4. Medium Rebound PORON cushion: Outstanding performance cushioning during push off and initial contact

The other main difference that sets CURREX apart is how they’re customizable. Every type of CURREX insole is made in three different arch profiles – high, medium and low. The correct arch profile is combined with the user’s leg axis to find the perfect insoles to keep the foot in its optimal biomechanical position and reduce excessive foot motion within the shoe.

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