Rawlings 5150 BB153 -3

Rawlings 5150 BB153 -3

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If you're looking for raw power at the plate, look no further. The 2021 5150 BBCOR -3 bat was engineered to give you a powerful swing to drive had hit balls, deep. It's redesigned barrel and pOp system give you an even bigger sweet-spot over prior models, and the ultra-light end cap helps you swing it faster. 

In addition, the 5150's aerospace-grade alloy will give you a great feel of the ball, and will help your bat last longer too. As a result, you'll crank more pitches deep, and drive in more runs for your team. 

Move up to the middle of the order and help your team dominate this year, get your 2021 5150 BBCOR bat today!

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