Sparx Beam

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Introducing the Sparx BEAM™ - Sparx Hockey's patented Blade Edge Accuracy Measurement device.
Utilizing state-of-the art laser technology, the Sparx BEAM™ measures blade edges to 1/10,000th of an inch - or less than a third the thickness of a human hair. Included with every Sparx Sharpener 3 and Sharpener 3 PRO, SPARX BEAM can also be used with any Generation Sparx Sharpener.

Included: Sparx BEAM™, Wireless Charging Pad, Charging Cord and Blade Thickness Gauge. (USB plug not included).

  • Laser Measurement - Measures blade edges and alignment to 1/10,000th of an inch
  • Unmatched Accuracy - No other edge checker can match the exactness of the the SPARX BEAM
  • App Connected - Connect to the Sparx Hockey App for enhanced features and more in-depth measurements
  • Simple and Easy - Easy to understand icons ensures your edges are always perfect.