String King Metal 2 Pro -10

String King Metal 2 Pro -10

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The Metal 2 Pro USSSA baseball bat has an extended barrel compared to the last generation. That means your bat has a bigger sweet spot to help you make better contact every time you step up to the plate. More barrel, more sweet spot, more hits.

With an extended barrel and redesigned endcap, the Metal 2 Pro USSSA features a balanced swing weight. It delivers enough top-end power to make solid contact and send the ball to the moon, but your hands won't get weighed down with a heavy, sluggish swing. The best of both worlds in a USSSA bat.

All that power in the Metal 2 Pro USSSA doesn't mean much if you can't use it. The newly redesigned bat grip significantly reduces the sting when you make contact, absorbing the vibrations of the bat and keeping your hands comfortable. A better grip means more control. More control means more hits.

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