True Catalyst 9X3

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ntro & New Features
With an unwavering focus on delivering exceptional results, the Catalyst 9X3 redefines the art of shooting by seamlessly combining power and precision in a single, game-changing package. This new stick from TRUE is their lightest mid-kick to date at 350g (SR), making it lighter than their previous lightest stick, the Catalyst PX. It is crafted with much of their most renowned tech, in addition to some newer features, including Resflo, PLD, Axenic Technology, SRT, and an all-new foam blade core.

Stick Profile
The TRUE Catalyst 9X3 stick boasts a distinctive mid-kick point profile that caters to players seeking enhanced shot velocity and unparalleled accuracy. Crafted with precision, the stick's design is meticulously engineered to optimize on-ice performance and bolster a commanding presence.

Shaft Construction
The shaft construction of the TRUE Catalyst 9X3 stick features a square corner/double concave geometry, offering players a comfortable grip and improved control. This innovation is complemented by advanced technologies that elevate its performance. The integration of Resflo Technology ensures minimal voids in the laminate, enhancing shaft reinforcement while reducing weight for exceptional durability. Axenic Technology's one-piece assembly enhances overall stick durability, particularly in the hosel, while granting users heightened control. Moreover, the Precision Laminate Design (PLD) strategically weaves carbon fibres throughout the stick, efficiently reinforcing it without unnecessary additional material, resulting in a harmonious blend of strength and precision.

Blade Construction
The stick's blade construction employs an all-new foam core, optimizing feel and responsiveness during puck handling and shooting. Building upon this foundation, the stick introduces the SRT (Strategically Reinforced Technology) innovation, an evolution from the TRT+ design. SRT integrates rib structures throughout the blade, reinforcing high-impact areas susceptible to puck contact. This inventive approach further enhances the blade's durability and performance, ultimately empowering players with heightened precision and control in critical game situations.

The 9X3 still keeps the Catalyst look it’s known for, with a new holographic finish to really stand out on the ice.

The stick features a soft gloss grip that not only provides a tactile advantage but also contributes to its overall aesthetic appeal. The grip has an overall muted look with a matte black finish on the blade.

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