True Catalyst PX3 Custom Domestic

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Regular price $599.99
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The True blockers are available with the 595 (binding-less), or 585 (with binding) construction. 

Custom options include your choice of the following:

  • Face Edge:  Binding or Binding-Less
  • Palm Material:  Sure Grip or Nash
  • Hand Fit:  Tight or Loose Fit
  • Index Finger Protection:  Straight or Curved protection

The True Blockers are a lightweight and durable pro level blocker for goalies at a high level of play that demand high quality equipment. Like all the new TRUE equipment, the blocker are handcrafted in Canada by the gear makers at Lefevre and held to an extremely high standard.

All True blockers feature a high-density foam construction throughout for pro level protection, a centered hand positioning for a balanced feel, and the half-piece cuff design for increased wrist mobility.