Warrior Fatboy Goalie

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Joining the trusted Fatboy line of Warrior box lacrosse products, the Fatboy Goalie Gloves come with a reinforced thumb and backhand to completely protect all areas of the hand that are exposed to box shots. With a raised back of the hand, the Fatboys can take almost any shot and deflect away the force.

Despite the added bulk for more protection, the Fatboys don’t add much extra weight, allowing for quicker movement and greater comfort than other clunky box gloves.

A removable cuff adds customization and extra padding to the wrist and lower hand, helping the glove fit more comfortably and keep every part of the hand safe given the greater demands on a box goalie.

If you’re an elite box goalie looking for trusted gloves that are incredibly lightweight and protective, look no further than the Warrior Fatboy Goalie Lacrosse Gloves.