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Intro & New Features
With a new hockey season comes the debut of Warrior’s new mid kick stick family, Novium. Sitting with a kick point somewhere between their low-mid Alpha line and the late Dynasty high kick line, Novium looks to empower your shots with a more modern and innovative design. This iteration of the mid kick hockey stick comes equipped with a Bevel taper, a Minimus Carbon 25K weave, RLC 199 technology, and a Fuelcore Ultra blade.

Stick Flex Profile
The Novium family is Warrior’s new mid kick hockey stick line, meaning it is designed to increase the amount of energy you can input into your shots. These sticks bend a bit higher in the blade than low and hybrid sticks, which is what allows for more energy to be stored before rocketing a shot. These sticks specifically are a bit tougher and stiffer to shoot with, but once you get a good feel of the stick, you will really feel that power. Mid kicks are best suited for power forwards and defensemen, although that should not deter you from playing with a Novium stick if that’s what works best for you.

Shaft Construction & Stiffness
Warrior employs both their Minimus Carbon 25 weave and Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 199 (RLC) tech into the new Novium, dropping the weight to Warrior’s lightest yet: 360g in SR size. The carbon weave is visible along the shaft and blade for a nice, clean look, and both technologies toughen up the shaft like never before.
The bevel taper is a new innovation in Warrior’s stick lines, which has an angled concave design along the bottom of the shaft. This taper is designed to stiffen and strengthen that section of the stick for better control and velocity on shots.

Blade Construction
Warrior’s Fuelcore Ultra blade returns in the Novium Pro, which is their most advanced blade used in only their highest-end sticks. Fuelcore Ultra is a combination of the Minimus Carbon 25 weave and a lightweight polymer blade core for increased responsiveness and durability.

Novium showcases some clean, new graphics from Warrior, with a mainly red, black, and white colour scheme. The Pro variation includes some light iridescence along the Warrior text graphic.

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