Wilson A2000 Jon Lester WBW100238125 12.5"

Wilson A2000 Jon Lester WBW100238125 12.5"

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Take the mound like Nationals' Ace, Jon Lester. This big glove will be the addition to your baseball bag that will complete your look on the mound.

Glove Benefits

Jonny Lester takes things to the max in regard to length with this glove. At 12.5", this glove will be plenty large on the mound and with the closed web, it will provide lots of throwing hand protection when gripping pitches in the glove. 

The Pro Stock leather will come a little stiff out of the box, but on the mound, you don't always need a glove that is super broken-in (depending upon your preferences). I think most pitchers will be able to take this glove into games after a small amount of use.

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